A Black & White Christmas

Posted by:Aleksandra Oleksak

Last year I discussed non traditional Christmas trees and gave you some inspirations, you can check out the post here. Did any of you do a non traditional Christmas tree this year? Well this year I’m talking about non traditional Christmas decorations, you know red and green and sparkly. Instead of going down the traditional route, have you ever thought to mix it up a bit? Would it not feel like Christmas to you if it wasn’t decked with red and green? I think it could if it’s done right! Why not try going for a more minimalist look mixed with some black and white instead? I know you’re thinking I’m crazy, but I came across these photos which has me rethinking Christmas for next year. If you’re feeling the same way as me, then you’ll love all this inspiration!

What do you think? Did you go outside the box with your Christmas decorations this year? I would LOVE to see some pictures!

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For all of you celebrating Christmas next week……I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Images: 1. Planete Deco 2. 17 Dove Street 3. Bower Power 4.Planete Deco 5. Helt Enkelt 6. The Style Files 7. HGTV 8. BDG Style 9. Simply Grove 10. Home Trotter

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