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Although our Toronto real estate market is on fire, homes don’t sell themselves, especially if you’re expecting top dollar for your home. Tim is here to let us know a few tips to sell your house and generate a ton of interested buyers who would like to call your property their home.

The Canadian real estate market is like many around the world in the sense that it’s largely determined by the homeowners and home buyers directly involved in the transactions. Sellers expect to get top dollar and buyers expect to get the best value for their money.

As a seller, we always believe our home is a castle, the best on the street and therefore warrants top dollars, but you also have to convince the buyer. There are certain ways to increase your chances of getting top dollar if you’re entering the market as a seller. Certain features of a house that are accentuated in different ways can attract buyers and yield a higher sale price. Here we scratch the surface on what you can do to sell your house.

1. The yard and landscaping.

First impressions have a large influence in a variety of life situations. Real estate transactions are no exception. The feeling that prospective home buyers feel when they pull up to an open house is incredibly valuable when a sale is concerned. The yard and landscape have a lot to do with how someone views a potential future home and how they picture themselves in the location.

If you’re selling a house and expect to receive top market dollar in exchange, make sure the outside perimeter yard and landscaping set the tone early. You want the gut feeling of people viewing your property to be good before they even step into the house. This will make them curious and excited rather than skeptical and anxious.


2. Interior and exterior paint.

exterior paint

Paint is a traditional, yet very effective contributor to top dollar value. For one, it’s not overly expensive when the entire price of the house is considered. It provides a nice return on investment because the project isn’t overwhelmingly expensive. Secondly, fresh paint makes a house look much nicer. Whether it’s a new coat on the exterior or simply redoing the master bedroom walls, it can make a monumental difference in negotiations.  People naturally feel more comfortable in a crisp looking house, and paint can help create this appeal.

If someone is wavering on whether they want to pay your asking price, fresh paint can help ease the situation. It makes a house feel new and fresh, which is exactly what a prospective home buyer is looking for. Additionally, any painting you do is a project that a new buyer doesn’t have to carry out.


3. The promotion of any recent upgrades.

A way people can get top dollar for their house is to promote recent upgrades that may go unnoticed in a listing. Home Buyers feel much more comfortable buying a property that’s been recently renovated. Well maintained home features decrease the chance of a faulty house for the new buyers and can go a long way in discussions.

If you’ve renovated your roof, foundation or anything else in the last several years make sure to make it known. It not only shows that your house is a well maintained property, but also shows that you are a respectful possessor that’s more likely to hand over a quality home to future owners. This can sway sale negotiations and push you into the upper market.

Getting top dollar value for a house is every seller’s goal. It doesn’t happen for nearly everyone, but it can. If you are selling your house, make sure to set yourself up for success. A coating of fresh paint, some new landscaping and the promotion of recent upgrades are some examples of how to do so. Giving yourself the best chance will surely lead you to the road of success and that’s enough to hang your hat on.

Tim Richmond writes about the mortgage industry, real estate, green building, personal finance and home ownership. He currently writes for the Native American mortgage specialists 1st Tribal Lending.

Thanks Tim! These are great tips to sell your house, not only faster but for more money.

Did you find these helpful? For more tips you can always click on, Sellers Tips and if you’re thinking of selling your home, I would be more then happy to go over what it takes to sell YOUR home!

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