Recent Sales In My Neighbourhood

Posted by:Aleksandra Oleksak


Are you dying to know the recent sales in your Toronto neighbourhood? Are you tired of searching the internet to find the answers? Want this information delivered to your inbox on a monthly basis? Well look no further! My amazing brokerage, Sage Real Estate puts together 45 separate neighbourhood reports from Toronto on a monthly basis and you can easily receive this information by saying “Hey, send me recent sales in my neighbourhood”. From these monthly neighbourhood specific reports, you can expect to receive:

  • average selling price
  • number of sales
  • days on market before selling
  • selling price relative to asking price
  • likelihood of multiple offers
  • a brief summary what your neighbourhood was up to for the month
  • sold prices of homes in your neighbourhood
  • all kinds of graphs with comparisons to previous years

How amazing!!! No more having to ask your neighbour what they just sold their house for.

To receive these monthly neighbourhood reports with recent sales, just sign up below!

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